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Taxes Almost Done - We Owe $7 (and Husband's Company Owes Us $775!)

February 1st, 2010 at 11:01 am

Yeah! My simple calculations using the IRS withholding calculator last October, it was estimated that we should get a $173 refund. I'm not sure what I put in wrong, but I'm ok if we only owe $7. It's not completely done and filed yet, because I have estimated my student loan interest paid on one of my loans. I have not been able to access the 1098-E for it yet. This is such a relief; much better than last year! I think I may still look over the discrepancy and see if I can see why it was so off.

Also, while doing the taxes I noticed a discrepancy between my husband's salary and his paycheck (gross pay). It's funny, because it's the same issue we had right after his pay raise! In October 2008, my husband got a raise, but his check was about $28 less than we should have been getting per paycheck. We finally got a check in December for backpay of $89 and a promise to get it fixed. Well, with the new year(2009), I think I adjusted our tax withholdings or messed with our 401k or something that I never noticed that they never did fix that payroll problem! SO, my husband is going to talk to HR tomorrow about it. (He forgot the paystubs today.) Anyway, I figure they owe us about $775 in back pay! Yeah! That'll go a long way in funding our $1,000 starter EF fund!

2 Responses to “Taxes Almost Done - We Owe $7 (and Husband's Company Owes Us $775!)”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    Oh I SO wish our taxes were done! But comngrats on the impending money!!

  2. Jerry Says:

    That is excellent, and it also leads to a good example why it's worthwhile to examine the pay stubs! I noticed at one former job that they were overcharging for my health insurance, and got it back on the next paycheck. HR is not above making errors! Nice job...

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