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2008 Goals

August 11th, 2008 at 06:11 am

I figured that even though I just started blogging about our finances, I'd post the goals for the rest of 2008. I think goals that you can measure progress against are important so here we go...

1. Pay off overdraft.
2. Get our CC debt to under $26K.
3. Start the $20 Challenge.
4. Be consistent in living our budget - no more overdraft!
5. Get our important life documents in order (will, advanced directive, etc.).
6. Have baby #2. This is one goal I know I'll achieve since I only have 3 weeks left! Smile

I think I'll add these to the sidebar so I see them everytime I get on. I need to post them around the house too for my husband and I to see all the time.

2 Responses to “2008 Goals”

  1. momsents Says:

    Good luck! Congrats on Baby #2! Nothing like getting the ducks in a row before that next little Blessing comes. Those look like good goals to start with.

  2. Personal Finance Student Says:

    Thanks momsents!

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